"The girls like Kane. It’s the boyish looks he had. He gets the pictures with the girl’s phone numbers on them. One girl came up to him, and she was so starstruck when she saw him. She was like, ‘I love you.’ Then she giggled and ran away. It’s like he was Justin Timberlake or something. It’s probably the hair."

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Of course, one aspect of your off-ice persona involves your looks. Every year it seems you are voted one of the sexiest or most handsome athletes on the planet. Surely you hear about that in the locker room.

All the time. I take a lot of heat about that. Particularly from Patrick Kane. But, you notice that the two of us recently did a magazine cover together, and he looked real pretty, I thought. So what does he say now? Kaner doesn’t let a lot go by when he has a chance to jab me. He’ll take whatever he can get. But I really like Kaner. People don’t see the side of him that we see. He really cares, and he’s more serious than he comes off. We have a special group here. After the lockout last season, we had a bunch of guys come up from Rockford. They contribute; they fit right in. (x)

Jonathan Toews + smile

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boy u got my heartbeat runnin’ away (。♥‿♥。) → David Rundblad

Now a Chicago Blackhawk!

I, for one, approve.

yeah… i guess we can keep him

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